What to do during the visit for maximum results

Make the best possible impression on each potential buyer

Everything will go well. We will let you know in advance the time of the visit and we will give you the name of the broker who will make the visit.


You don’t have to do anything else. Take a book while you wait. Try to be patient, the broker has probably arranged other visits and may have difficulty keeping to his or her schedule down to the minute.


Keep it away. Those who love animals will be absent-minded by its presence, others will find it rather annoying.


Open the door as if to greet a friend. The broker will take care of the introductions. This is also the time to mention a special situation such as a sick child sleeping in the second bedroom. You can invite the broker to begin the visit and you can withdraw later.


It is best to stay away from buyers. Their conversations will go more freely without you. This way, the broker can get a better idea of what buyers think of your home.


Read a magazine, watch TV, go for a walk, continue a job. Choose a room and settle down. When visitors come to that room, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to leave it or stay. That way, you won’t feel like you’re being chased in your own home.

One room in particular should not be your choice for retirement: the kitchen. This is usually where buyers spend the most time while contemplating the location of appliances, counter space, cabinets, etc.


Answer all questions about the neighbourhood, schools, etc. in a pleasant manner. However, avoid engaging in a long conversation. The broker will answer questions about the terms and conditions of sale. If the broker is associated with another agency and does not know the answer, inform him/her that your broker will contact him/her.


The registration sheet clearly identifies the objects that are part of the property being offered. Do not make any reference to other personal property that you would like to include in the negotiations. These are rarely a determining factor in closing a sale and could even be distracting. It is best to discuss them at the time the offer is made.


Out of love for your home, you may be tempted to do the broker’s job. If this happens to you, remember that the broker knows the tastes and preferences of buyers. He or she will choose the right time to mention your new refrigerator.

You’ve done all you can. Now relax while we work. Soon we’ll call you to tell you :

Congratulations on your new fridge! We have a PROMISE TO PURCHASE to introduce you!