Preparing your home indoors

Most of the tips listed below are intended to help you get the most out of each visit. It is important to note that very often, these few preparations will have a beneficial effect on the selling price!


Shampoo your carpet, wax your floors, wash walls, windows, blinds and drapes. You can hire a cleaning service, the cost is a justified expense.
Clear the counters. Leave a few boxes at most. These parts must be impeccable. If necessary, reseal around the bathtub and remove mineral deposits from the shower walls. Clean the stove, microwave oven and refrigerator.


Areas in your home that are used for storage, such as the garage, should be kept clear. It’s best to do this now rather than during the move.


Repair leaky faucets, squeaky or improperly closing doors, and a non-functioning doorbell. A property in poor condition could lead a buyer to believe that there are hidden defects in the house.


Reorganize your clothes and keep only seasonal clothing in your closets. Store your shoes neatly.


The less furniture in a room, the bigger it looks. Keep all spaces clear and easy to access.


Do what you can to make the house bright. Use light colors and paint rooms with faded paint. Open curtains and blinds to let the light in!


Clean up anything that seems to be messy or dirty. Repair or replace anything that is in poor condition, broken or rusty. Make sure the doorbell is working. Replace the mailbox if it is in poor condition, clean exterior lights and windows. Make sure cornices are free of rust, antennas bent or shingles and loose shutters.


Weed the lawn and turn over the soil. Prune trees and shrubs. Cover the ground without a lawn. Repair the fence and gate. Pick up garbage. You may also want to hire a landscaper if necessary.


Examine your garden furniture and touch up the paint if necessary. If they are rusty or irreparable, it would be best to get rid of them.