BROKERAGE FEES (APPLICABLE TAXES) : In the event that another broker participates in the sale of your property, the selling broker will share his compensation with the buying broker. This will not result in any additional disbursement on your part. 2. THREE OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE TO YOU Generally, an amount equal to 3 months of […]

From the promise to purchase to the conclusion of the sale

1. THE PRESENTATION OF THE PROMISE TO PURCHASE If the promise to purchase comes from another broker, we will contact you immediately to arrange a meeting. Even if the time is not very opportune, it is better to meet as soon as possible to get acquainted with the contract. Often, promises to purchase impose a […]

What to do during the visit for maximum results

Make the best possible impression on each potential buyer Everything will go well. We will let you know in advance the time of the visit and we will give you the name of the broker who will make the visit. RELAX YOURSELF You don’t have to do anything else. Take a book while you wait. […]

Preparing for the visits

Many brokers will want to show your home. We will always make an appointment with you in advance. The name of the buyer’s broker will be communicated to you each time. It is not recommended to allow walk-in visits, even to brokers. The broker code of conduct requires that an appointment be made before each […]

Preparing your home indoors

Most of the tips listed below are intended to help you get the most out of each visit. It is important to note that very often, these few preparations will have a beneficial effect on the selling price! SPARKLING CLEANLINESS Shampoo your carpet, wax your floors, wash walls, windows, blinds and drapes. You can hire […]

Professional advice to sell fast and well

We would all want our property to sell within 24 hours and get its full value after installing the sign for sale. In reality, few homes sell for their full value in such a short period of time. So how long does it really take to reach your goals? HOW TO SELL AND GET FULL […]